Fract Ol

Jan 4, 2022



This project was an introduction to graphical programming in c. It was also an opening to the world of math in a programming environment.

This program was coded with the school 42 homemade graphical library: the minilibx.


./fractol <mandelbrot/julia/chou-fleur>

each fractal can be navigated with the arrow keys and zoomed using the scroll wheel.

In addition, the parameters of the julia set can be changed by clicking anywhere in the window.


As it is a student project, I dont feel that I have given it enough time.

The minilibx is a good tool to learn graphical programming but it has its limitations.

The school prevented us to use multi-threading in this project (we learnt it later), making it lack in performances.

The zoom could be better managed, as it is both unusable and fails to provide enough details of the set to truly be beautiful.


the mandelbrot set the julia set the colliflower set